Corgi Hosiery
Corgi Hosiery is a knitwear manufacturer founded in South Wales, England in 1893.
At the time of our founding, coal mining was the main industry in Wales, and we started manufacturing handmade socks with the desire to provide warm long socks for the workers working there.
After that, sales in the United States were successful and the company gained a high reputation as a socks manufacturer.
In 1960, the company began producing intarsia knitwear using hand frames, and later added cashmere materials, and was recognized by high-end Parisian maisons.
In 1988, Prince Charles was granted a Royal Warrant (Certificate of Royal Warrant) due to his use of our knitwear and socks for 10 years.
Even in the 21st century, while most manufacturers have moved to mass production using machines, Corgi remains committed to handmade products by artisans and undertakes the production of knit products for famous maison brands.

Corgi's classic short socks made of soft cotton that is soft and fluffy to the touch .
The toes are hand-linked by craftsmen, so they are comfortable to wear without any hitches.

size (cm)
Men's Free / 26-28

Material Cotton 100%
Made in UK

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