CHARLOTTE PERRIAND "Berger High Stool Ash Steph Simon Edition"

French architect and designer Charlotte Perriand.
Born to clothing craftsman parents, he grew up surrounded by a variety of materials.
Studied at the Central Union School of Decorative Arts (Ecole UCAD) in Paris, graduating in 1926.
He has his own atelier and exhibits his furniture in numerous exhibitions.
In 1927, the "Attic Bar" exhibited at the Salon d'Automne created a sensation.
This work inspired him to enter Le Corbusier's atelier.
This was a fateful encounter, and many masterpieces, including chaise longues, were released with Le Corbusier.
In 1940, at the invitation of Junzo Sakakura, who was arranging desks with him at his atelier, he was invited to Japan as an adviser for exporting crafts.
During her one-year residency, she toured various parts of Japan under the guidance of Sori Yanagi, and was deeply impressed by the traditional Japanese way of life and aesthetic sense, which was strongly reflected in her subsequent works.

"Berger High Stool Ash Steph Simon Edition"
Charlotte Perriand's masterpiece Berge Stool.
An ash material model sold at the legendary gallery Steph Simon in Paris.
This is a high stool with a height of about 39 cm, and is a rare item that is difficult to obtain.
An item designed in 1953, inspired by the stool for the product name "Berge (Shepherd)". It was unveiled for the first time in 1955 at the "Paris: A Proposal for a Synthesis of Art: Le Corbusier, Fernand Léger, Charlotte Perriand" exhibition.
It is currently being reprinted and sold by Cassina, but this is a rare vintage.
You can also clearly see the two wedges on the seat and the small holes on the back of the seat, which are unique to the Berge stool.
It is a rare item whose price rises year by year.

This item is a vintage item.
There are small scratches and rubbing due to long-term use, but there is no problem in use, and considering the age, I think it is in good condition.

Country / France
Material / Ash
Years: 1950s
size: Φ32cm H39cm

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