A.PRESSE "No.2 Washed Denim Pants"

A.PRESSE is a project that thinks about what kind of clothes that can be part of our wardrobe and makes them.

I have a problem that I end up wearing my usual favorite even if I buy various clothes.
That's why my fashion is so mundane and boring.
Frankly speaking, I want to increase the number of favorites.
I want a lot of things that I want to wear every day.
That's all I want for clothes.

If you look in second-hand clothing stores, there is a high probability that you will find clothes that you can wear all the time.
In fact, I want clothes of the present to match the vintage.
All the cool people around me are like that,
I adore wearing a mix of new and old.

Even though there are so many things and a lot of information,
Why can't I find a favorite to join the ranks?

Exhausted by useless shopping,
In order to solve the mystery, I decided to create an editorial department that can create things and disseminate them.

"No.2 Washed Denim Pants"
A model based on #201, which was produced as a second line of LEVI'S 501 from 1890 to 1940.
This denim, commonly known as "No. 2 denim", has more uneven threads than XX and has a loose weave density, so it is lightweight and very easy to wear, and it is characterized by the fact that the color is easy to fade. The 201 model is the only one that does not use LEVI'S original denim, and uses distributed fabrics to get more users to wear the 501 denim style that is gaining citizenship. For this reason, the low level of spinning technology at the time gave rise to the unique unevenness of the slab that runs in the warp direction. This non-uniform uneven shape was expressed by mixing and weaving a plurality of different-shaped yarns.
The base model is from 1935 to 1937, and the tack button has a residue of guarantee paper. One of the characteristics of this denim is the light and exquisitely yellowish indigo color. This exquisite color was created by adjusting the number and time of indigo dyeing, which was derived from numerous studies. Gray ears due to fading over time are also a good accent.
The design is also a reproduction of the 201, but we pursued ease of wearing by slightly deepening the rise, changing the shape of the curve of the buttocks, and improving the bite of the buttocks. It has a beautiful tapered and wide silhouette, and it feels good to wear it with a light ounce.
*Since the original tuck button is made of iron, it may darken or rust over time.

size (cm)
30 / Waist 80 Inseam 30 Inseam 73 Waist 31 Hem width 21
32 / Waist 82 Inseam 31 Inseam 73 Width at Vertical 32 Hem Width 22
34 / Waist 85 Inseam 32 Inseam 73 Width at Vertical 33 Hem Width 23

A wearing model: 174cm wearing size: 32

Material: 100% cotton
Made in Japan
Product number: 23SAP-04-06H

*This product is also available in stores, so it may be sold out by the time you place your order.
Please note.

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