A.PRESSE "Cotton Knit S/S Polo Shirts"


A.PRESSE is a project that involves thinking about and creating the kind of clothing that can become a part of our wardrobes.

I have a problem where even though I buy a lot of different clothes, I always end up wearing my favorites.
That's why my fashion is so ordinary and boring.
To be honest, I want to increase the number of favorites.
I want to have lots of things that I want to wear every day.
That's all I have as a clothing aspiration.

If you look in a second-hand clothing store, you have a high chance of finding clothes that you can wear for a long time,
What I actually want is some modern clothes to go with the vintage items.
All the cool people around me are like that.
I admire how she skillfully mixes new and old things together.

Even though there is so much stuff and information out there,
Why can't you find a favorite to make the first team?

I was exhausted from all the unnecessary shopping.
In order to solve this mystery, I decided to create an editorial department that could both create and disseminate information.

"Cotton Knit S/S Polo Shirts"
A short-sleeved polo shirt made from high-gauge knit Supima cotton.
Using four strands of fine-count Supima cotton yarn, it has a firm texture, yet is soft and smooth, with the sheen that only Supima material can give it an elegant finish. It is made with a tight 14 gauge weave so that it does not show off the body lines too much. The design is a polo collar with short sleeves. This polo shirt combines the best of the classic British high-gauge knit polo and the sports polo. The slightly small collar balance and deep front opening give it a modern impression without being too classic.

Size (cm)
2 / Length 68 Shoulder width 52 Sleeve length 26 Width 61
3 / Length 70 Shoulder width 54 Sleeve length 27 Width 63
Model is 178cm tall and wearing size 3

Material: 100% cotton
Made in Japan
Product number: 24SAP-03-09K

*This product is also sold in stores, so it may already be sold out by the time you place your order.
Please note.

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