A.PRESSE "Cotton Knit L/S T-Shirt"

A.PRESSE is a project that aims to think about and create clothes that can be added to our wardrobes.
I have the problem that even if I buy a lot of clothes, I end up wearing my favorite clothes.
That's why my fashion is so ordinary and boring.
To be honest, I would like to increase the number of favorites.
I want a lot of things that I want to wear every day.
That's all I have for clothes.
If you look at second-hand clothing stores, there is a high probability that you will find clothes that you can keep wearing forever.
Actually, I want clothes that are current and match the vintage style.
All the cool people around me are like that.
I admire how well he mixes new and old things.
Even though there are so many things and so much information,
Why can't I find my favorite to join the team?
Exhausted from unnecessary shopping,
In order to solve this mystery, I decided to create an editorial department that can create and disseminate things.

"Cotton Knit L/S T-Shirt"

Subin cotton high gauge knit L/S crew neck.
By using four high-quality fine-count Subin cotton threads, it has a firm texture, moist smoothness, and an elegant finish with the luster unique to Subin raw materials.
Made with 14 gauge to prevent the body lines from showing too much.
The design is a traditional crew neck long sleeve. The neckline is narrow, and the ribbed cuffs have a turn-up design, creating a relaxed silhouette. The key point is the balance of the lanterns with ribbed cuffs and hem.

size (cm)
2 / Length 70 Shoulder width 53 Sleeve length 65 Width 62
3 / Length 72 Shoulder width 56 Sleeve length 68 Width 64
Model wearing: 178cm Wearing size: 3

Material: Cotton 100%
Made in Japan

Product number: 24SAP-03-06K

*This product is currently on sale in stores, so it may already be sold out by the time you place your order.
Please note.

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