Jiro Kinjo "Line carved shrimp pattern plate"


"Line-carved shrimp pattern plate"
This piece was created during Jiro Kinjo's Tsuboya period, before he moved to Yomitan Village.
It is a beautiful single plate with no snake eyes.

Author: Jiro Kinjo
Origin: Okinawa Size: Diameter 18.3cm Height 5cm
Material: pottery

Jiro Kinjo
Born in 1912 in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture.
1924 Worked as a pottery apprentice at Eitoku Aragaki's pottery factory.
1936 Married Tomarimuraya Hikukame and their eldest son, Toshio, was born.
In January 1946, he opened his own workplace in Tsuboya and became independent.
Studied under Shoji Hamada and Kanjiro Kawai.
1954 A new craft section was established and works were exhibited at the 6th Okinawa Art Exhibition (Okiten).
Held the first two-person ceramic art exhibition with Eizaburo Aragaki.
1955 Selected for the 29th National Exhibition for the first time.
1956: Received the Newcomer Award at the 30th National Exhibition.
1957: At the 31st National Exhibition, ``Gosu-e Otsubo'' won the Kokugakai award and became a member of the association.
1969 First solo exhibition held in Hiroshima
At the Japan Folk Crafts Museum exhibition, ``Sansai Fushiko'' and other works won the Japan Folk Crafts Museum Award.
1971 Selected for the 1st Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition.
1972 Moved to Zakimi, Yomitan Village and built a kiln.
1973 Became a member of the Kokugakai.
1974 Exhibited at the "Okinawa Crafts" exhibition sponsored by the National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto.
1981: Received the Order of the Sacred Treasure, 6th class.
1985 Certified as an Important Intangible Cultural Property Technology Holder (Living National Treasure).
Received the Okinawa Prefecture Medal of Merit in 1985.
1993: Received the Order of the Sacred Treasure, 4th class.
Died December 24, 2004

It is in good condition with no noticeable scratches or chips.

Material: Ceramic
Made in Okinawa

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