<Issuance of points>
Point return rate 3%
3 points will be issued for every 100 yen spent.

(Example) If you purchase a product that costs 10,000 yen including tax, you will receive 300 points for 300 yen.
*Does not include shipping and settlement fees.

<Target for point issuance>
Points will only be issued on cart orders.
*If you want to give or use points, you need to register as a member and place an order while logged in.
*Please note that points will not be issued for sale items and orders placed by phone or email.

You can register as a member from the link below.

<About using points>
If you accumulate 100 points, we will discount the price by 100 yen.
After the point is issued, it will be available from the next time.

<Available Points>
You can use up to 10,000 points in units of 100 points per purchase.

<When using points>
Points used are excluded from the target amount.

<temporary point>
Temporary points will be issued at the time of ordering, and the points will be confirmed after the product is shipped.