Whitehouse Cox "S9169 BACKED BRUSH"

Whitehouse Cox
Since its founding in 1875, Whitehouse Cox has been making various leather goods such as high-quality harnesses, sophisticatedly designed bags, belts, and wallets. The representative leather used is English bridle leather, which is strong and durable. It is carefully tanned with natural vegetation such as bark and seeds for about 10 weeks, and natural dyes are soaked deep into the leather. It's something I took my time on. Experienced craftsmen will shape the best materials made in this way with reliable traditional techniques.

It is the most representative leather among the leathers used in White House Cox. The raw leather used for bridle leather is the highest grade cowhide sought in Europe, including the UK, and is strong and durable. It is tanned for about 10 weeks with full vegetable tanning using natural plants such as bark and seeds. It is then aniline-finished using dyes and dipped in bridle grease until the tallow penetrates deep into the leather. A white powdery substance called bloom may appear on bridle leather products immediately after purchase or after a long period of non-use. to return to the leather.

"S9169 BACKED BRUSH" horse hair brush
White House Cox horsehair brush for small leather goods.
It helps to penetrate cream application and excess wax left on the surface.
Bridle leather is used luxuriously on the top of the brush, making it a luxurious brush that you can enjoy over time.

size (cm)
Free / Height 15.2 Width 4 Hair length 2.5

Material: horse hair
Handmade in England

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