TSUTO FOR SOUTH BRIDGE "Basho paper table lamp"



Okinawa has a paper culture unique to the island, called "Ryukyu paper.

This paper is handmade using plants native to Okinawa, and due to Okinawa's climate and historical factors, it is a material unparalleled anywhere in the world.

Currently, there are only a few artisans engaged in papermaking in the prefecture.

TSUTO is committed to expressing this culture born and nurtured in the Ryukyus in a form that is in line with modern life, and to connect it to the future.

TSUTO is a word meaning "something wrapped up, a souvenir of the region.

"Basho paper table lamp"
Basho paper made in Okinawa is used and carefully pasted one by one.Basho paper is one of the types of Ryukyu paper, a paper culture unique to Okinawa that originated during the Ryukyu Kingdom. Please enjoy the unique texture of the material and the appearance of the paper as it changes over time.

Size: φ22cm H37cm Cord150cm
Bulb: E14 (bulb not included)
Material: Basho paper, Stainless

Made in Okinawa

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