SCYE BASICS "Melange Gray Denim Pivot Sleeve Trucker Jacket"

SCYE is a tailor's term for armholes and sickles.
Based on British classics, we are proposing real clothes that have been reconstructed by adding various elements from a modern perspective.
SCYE BASICS is a line centered around SCYE basic items.

"Melange Gray Denim Pivot Sleeve Trucker Jacket" denim jacket
13.5 oz denim with melange threads on the warp and unbleached threads on the weft.
It is a silhouette with a wide range of motion that secures the momentum of the arms by adopting pivot sleeves that integrate the underarms and the narrow belly.

size (cm)
38 / Length 65 Shoulder width 49 Sleeve length 65 Width 62
40 / Length 67 Shoulder width 50 Sleeve length 67 Width 64
A wearing model: 178cm wearing size: 38

Material: 100% cotton
Made in Japan

*This product is also available in stores, so it may be sold out by the time you place your order.
Please note.

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