Shoes factory PADMORE & BARNES founded in Ireland in 1934.
In 1967, the manager at the time devised a revolutionary hand-stitched full moccasin shoe and proposed it to Clarks in the United Kingdom.
Since then, as a partner factory of Clarks, it has received high acclaim worldwide, such as collaborating with brands such as Paul Smith, Supreme, and Anatomica, from the background of contracting the production of representative models such as Wallaby and Natalie from the British era. increase.
Currently designed in Ireland, the production country has changed to a style called Portugal, but it is one of the few shoe brands that keeps the tradition since its inception.

Ryukyu indigo, which has been cultivated in Okinawa since ancient times and used as a dye for indigo dyeing, is an indispensable dye for dyeing and weaving in Okinawa. The cultivation method is harsh, and in order to grow high-quality indigo leaves, thorough cultivation management and techniques, as well as strong physical strength and mental strength to withstand the heavy labor in the process of indigo making, are required. In addition, many years of experience and dedication are required to ascertain the state of fermentation and the amount of lime water to be used in the manufacturing stage.
Using indigo produced by a method that has been handed down from long ago, each piece is dyed by hand and washed carefully, resulting in a unique texture and expression that cannot be expressed with chemical dyes. have different depths of Ryukyu indigo can be said to be the color of culture with depth like the clean sea of ​​Okinawa. However, with the passage of time, cheap chemically synthesized indigo became popular, and the number of people engaged in the time-consuming work of indigo has decreased.

”P404” original wallaby shoes
Classic original wallaby shoes made of high-quality suede material.
The wooden mold, which is the cornerstone of the shoes, is used as it is from the Clarks manufacturing era.
The unique unevenness of natural dyes and hand dyeing by craftsmen is the greatest attraction that cannot be expressed with chemical dyes.

size (cm)

upper: suede
sole: rubber


<Please purchase after acknowledging the following due to the characteristics of the product>
・Because each shoe is dyed by hand, there are individual differences between the left and right.
Depending on the material of the part, the dyeing method is different, so please enjoy the uneven color transition as a texture of natural dyeing. The unique unevenness is the biggest feature that cannot be expressed with chemical dyes.

・As a precaution for indigo dyed products, there is a possibility that the color may transfer to the skin or socks when worn for the first few times because it is a natural dye. In order to prevent them, we have stopped the color, but please understand in advance due to the characteristics of natural dyeing. When wearing, please wear dark socks.
・It is very easy to get sunburned, so please keep it in a place where it is not exposed to sunlight.

・If the surface (indigo dyed fabric) is dirty, gently wipe it with a brush or dry cloth. Please note that the color (indigo) may come off only on that part if you rub it strongly when it is wet or damp.

・When the product arrives, the lye that is unique to indigo dyeing may float on the surface, causing an odor or yellowish brown color. In that case, please wear it after taking care of it once as follows. The scum is removed, and the vivid color unique to natural indigo dyeing increases.

Initial care (how to remove the scum)
*We recommend soaking the upper part in hot water once every 1 to 3 months to remove harshness.
① Place the product firmly in hot water of about 40℃ for 20-30 minutes.
② When the scum comes out, it becomes yellowish brown. If excess indigo remains, a blue color will appear.
③ Wash with water 2-3 times while changing the water.
④ Repeat steps 1 to 3 twice.
⑤ Let it dry sufficiently.
・Act removal is to remove impurities other than indigo contained in indigo.
The original indigo color of indigo dyeing shines, and it has the effect of reducing fading change due to ultraviolet rays.
・Blue dye may stick to the surface of the bowl or sink used for washing, but it can be removed by rubbing it with a sponge.

・Because it is natural leather, there may be small scratches, wrinkles, slight rubbing on the entire leather, fine differences in finish between left and right, and a small amount of bond stains during the manufacturing process.

・Since this product is also on sale at the store, it may have already been sold out when you place your order.
Please note.

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