HEUGN "Albert" oversized coat

"Yuugen" is derived from the meaning of "the deep and immeasurable taste of things".

HEUGN pursues the "deep and immeasurable beauty" of the Japanese and explores the gap between "tradition" and "now".
Well tailored, simple, high quality, elegant and deep beauty.
By wearing your favorite clothes with care, they will be passed down from generation to generation and become clothes that increase in value.

“Clothes that you want to wear for a long time”
We will continue to create important products that connect people's thoughts.

Brand classic overcoat "Albert"
Based on a French 1940s overcoat.
It features raglan sleeves that draw beautiful lines and three-dimensional sleeves that ensure a range of motion.
It can also be worn with a stand-up collar with the collar raised, and the shoulders are designed to fit naturally regardless of body type.
The material used is bespoke wool fabric for a long-established weaver in Bishu that has been in business for 150 years.
It is a fabric that combines a sense of firmness and elegance.
The silhouette has a good balance between a generous bodice and a short length, and the A-line is a characteristic enemy that goes well with any pants silhouette.

size (cm)
3 / Length 97 Sleeve length 80 Width 75

Material : Outer material 100% wool / Body lining Regenerated fiber (lyocell) 60% cotton 40% / Sleeve lining 100% cupra
Made in Japan
Product No.COAT019

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