HERILL "Black sheep duffle coat"

After graduating from Bunka Fashion College, Mr. Hiroyuki Oshima, a designer who has experience planning designer brands and a certain major select shop, is a unisex brand that started from AUTUM & WINTER in 2019.
The origin of the brand name is a coined word of Heritage (inherited culture, history, heritage, tradition) and Will (future).
We will create products that are seriously interesting by developing materials with traditional factories backed by the finest technology and experience in Japan and new concepts.

"Black sheep duffle coat"
A duffle coat that uses black sheep wool, which is said to be the finest wool.
The fabric is thick and firm, but it is soft and very comfortable to the touch.
The front is a button specification instead of a toggle. There are two rows of buttons, so you can arrange the silhouette.

size (cm)
2 / Length 95 Shoulder Width 67 Sleeve Length 58 Width 75
3 / Length 98 Shoulder Width 69 Sleeve Length 60 Width 78
A wearing model: 178cm wearing size: 3

Material: 100% wool
Made in Japan

*This product is also available in stores, so it may be sold out by the time you place your order.
Please note.

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