Hender Scheme "USB"

Hender Scheme
Gender refers to social and cultural differences, as opposed to sex, which refers to physical and biological differences. Hender Scheme respects gender differences in sex, but advocates a concept that transcends gender schemes that are structured by human experience and the environment, without intervening gender in dressing. The brand name Hender Scheme is a coined word from the psychological term Gender Schema. Gender By changing the initial letter G to H, which is one higher in alphabetical order, we express the concept of "beyond gender." In the field of "design" that belongs to the field of social gender difference (gender), based on the concept of "designing freely beyond gender without being bound by gender differences", we emphasize the balance between mode and craft, and create balanced "things". ” is designed.

"USB" USB memory
A USB memory with a cow leather cover.
Capacity is 8GB.

size (cm)
Free / Height 6.3 Width 2.5 Gusset width 1

Capacity: 8GB

Material: cow leather
Made in Japan

*Since this product takes advantage of the original texture of leather, the color and texture will vary from piece to piece. In addition, since the unique texture of leather is used, there may be some unevenness in color, stains, and scratches.
Due to the characteristics of the product, the leather may be rubbed during the manufacturing process and may look like scratches, but it is not a scratch but a trace of melted wax. Please note.

*This product is also available in stores, so it may be sold out by the time you place your order.
Please note.

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