COMESANDGOES "We Are The World Cap"

A headwear brand by Kazuho Sato, who gained experience as a men's designer at CA4LA.
He makes ordinary and good products with care. Hats that are ideal for daily uniforms. Following the history of hats, it has evolved into something that fits our modern urban life and fashion.
The brand concept is to create headwear with a little bit of wit as a companion to our clothes and our lives, and to add color to them.

"We Are The World Cap"
6-panel cap with embroidery of "we are the world 60mm" (60mm is the width of the logo) COMMUNITY. 7.3cm brim length, washed in water. The original is, of course, "the song". It seems like a reckless word, but it suddenly seemed appealing to me. This cap was made with the aim of making a cap that looks like a souvenir, and was made with proper sewing.

Free Height 13cm Brim approx. 7.3cm

Material: 100% cotton
Made in Japan

This product is also on sale in stores, so there is a possibility that it is already sold out when you place an order.
Please understand in advance.

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