Blundstone "2058 ALL-TERRAIN"

Blundstone was founded in Tasmania, Australia in 1870.
In the field of work boots and safety boots, we have established an absolute position in Australia, and the popularity of boots that combine durability, functionality, and high originality is spreading outside Australia.

A series born from joint development with side gore boot sole manufacturer Vibram.
The sole unit of the "All-Terrain" boot has various characteristics and embodies the Brandstone brand concept of "boots that can go anywhere".

- Polyurethane midsole for better cushioning
- Equipped with XRD-technology in the heel to absorb impact
- Washable Comfort Lite footbed

1. Leather liner
Uses 0.8mm thick leather lining. It improves heat retention and makes it easier to put on and take off your boots.

2. Self-cleaning sole A sole unit with vertical and horizontal grooves that improve flexibility and a self-cleaning function that removes mud.

3.300℃ heat resistant sole
The Vibram MEGAGRIP sole boasts functionality that can withstand heat of 300 degrees Celsius and low temperature environments of minus 15 degrees Celsius.

4. Non-slip rubber sole Demonstrates grip even in slippery environments. Soft and comfortable to wear and cushioned. It also complies with Australian Standards standards. (correlated with ISO 20437 on ISO safety shoes, "Personal protective equipment - work shoes" standard)

size (cm)

Upper: Smooth leather Out sole: Synthetic rubber (Vibram Sole)
Country of Origin: Vietnam

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