NEAT" is a Japanese brand specializing in pants launched in the 2015 fall/winter season.
NEAT means "neat" or "well behaved" in English.
The concept of the brand is the same: "Wear a T-shirt on top and sneakers on the bottom, but only wear pants that are well-made.
That alone will give you a classy style. This is what the brand is all about.

NEAT Chino"
NEAT Chino has been released as a standard item since Spring/Summer 2022.
For the Fall/Winter 2023 model in stock now, the front has been changed from a button fly to a zipper.
The basic cotton chino is specially washed to give it a soft feel and unique texture.
The silhouette is slightly thicker, but the tapered hem gives it a sense of balance that does not make you feel uncomfortable.
The waist is two-tucked, and the waist area is roomy for a comfortable fit.
The hems are processed with a lock sewing machine and can be easily adjusted to double, single, or ankle length as desired.

SIZE (cm)
44 / Waist 77, Inseam 33, Inseam 91, Width 36.5, Hem 23
46 / Waist 82, 33.5 inseam, 91 inseam, 37.5 leg, 24 hem width
48 / Waist 85, Inseam 34, Inseam 91, Width at Vertical 38.5, Hem Width 25
Wearing model:174cm Wearing size:44

Material :100% Cotton
Product number : 23-02NC

This product has been specially treated to give it a textured appearance. Therefore, vertical stripes and uneven dyeing may occur on the surface of the fabric. Please note that there may be some weaving in places, which is a characteristic of this fabric.
The hem (length) of this product is untreated.
This product is also sold in stores, so there is a possibility that it is already sold out when you place an order.
Please understand this in advance.

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