A.PRESSE "Washed Denim Wide Pants"

A.PRESSE is a project to think about what kind of clothes we can add to our wardrobe and create them.

I have a problem that even if I buy a variety of clothes, I always end up wearing my favorites.
That's why my fashion is so mundane and boring.
Frankly speaking, I want to increase the number of my favorites.
I want to have a lot of things that I want to wear every day.
That's all I want for clothes.

If I go to a thrift store, I can find clothes that I can wear for a long time with high probability,
But the truth is, I want to have modern clothes to match the vintage.
The cool people around me are the same way,
I admire the way they mix the new with the old.

There is so much stuff and so much information out there,
Why is it that I can't find my favorites that will make it into the army?

I'm tired of wasting time and money on useless purchases,
I decided to create an editorial department where I can make and send out information to solve this mystery.

Washed Denim Wide Pants
Based on the 501XX of the late 50's, the silhouette was not changed much, but the back style was adjusted by making the inseam slightly deeper to reduce the tuck in the buttocks.
The back pockets are separated from the sides, which is rarely seen in Big Inch denim, and the balance is used to add a playful touch to a finished design.
The fabric is a 13 oz. selvedge indigo denim with red ears, which has been beaten firmly to reproduce the threading used in 501XX from the late 50's to the early 60's. The original tuck buttons are made of iron.

The original tuck buttons are made of iron, so they may darken and rust over time.

30 / Waist 80, Inseam 32, Inseam 67.5, Width 32, Hem 20
32 / Waist 86, Inseam 33, Inseam 67.5, Width at WA 33.5, Hem width 20.5
34 / Waist 90, Inseam 33.5, Inseam 67.5, Width 34, Hem Width 21
36 / Waist 92, Inseam 34, Inseam 67.5, Vertical 35, Hem width 21.5
Wearing model : 174cm Wearing size : 30

Material : 100% Cotton
Made in Japan
Product number :23AAP-04-07H

This item is also on sale in our store, so there is a possibility that it is already sold out when you place your order.
Please understand this in advance.

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