We are particular about materials and patterns, and add contemporary elements to standard items.
We propose sophisticated items that can be worn by both men and women.

The brand name YOKE has the meaning of "connecting", "bond", and "cloth for changing clothes", and is familiar with the concept of the brand.

In the process of making one piece of clothing,
Raw material→Thread→Fabric→Cutting→Sewing→Finishing
And many people are involved until it becomes a product.

Clothes are made by “connecting” them. We will understand those processes firmly and connect them. The idea is that "things connect people, people connect people, and people connect things".

The designer is Norio Terada (NORIO TERADA).
After graduating from Bunka Fashion College, Department of Design, built a career at domestic brands and select shops.
After experiencing design and production management, he became independent in 2016. York started from the 2018 Fall/Winter collection.

"INJECTION DYED MILITARY WIDE EASY OVER PANTS" injection die military wide easy over pants
These wide pants are based on the US ARMY M-51 Arctic Trousers pattern that was released in 21AW.
The knee tucks have been removed, the front spindle has been changed from the front to the back, and the width of the W stitch has been narrowed to make the look as simple as possible without the ruggedness of cargo pants.
The M-51 has only one pocket on the back, but we added pockets on both sides, changed the waist pocket to a regular pocket, and put flat elastic on the waist to make it easy, and the silhouette of the M-51 is As it is, it is finished with pants that are easier to wear daily.

It is a matte cotton-like Tussah fabric made with taslan yarn and dyed with a dyeing process.
In order to express the mixture of colors like Clyfford Still's work with Japanese technology, the fabric is dyed with a dyeing method called chusen. Two colors are used, but by mixing the colors, the nuances and expressions of different colors add depth.
*Please note that each 8m piece is dyed by a craftsman in one lot, so there may be individual differences in the pattern.

size (cm)
2 / waist 80-92 rise 38 inseam 68 thigh 41 hem width 30.5
3 / waist 82-94 rise 38.5 inseam 71 thigh 43 hem width 31
Wearing model: 174cm Wearing size: 2

Material: Nylon 100%
Made in Japan

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