STILL BY HAND "CS08231" Crew Neck Sweat


"Basic with a uniqueness"

In the words of a certain shop owner in Europe,
"Plain. Simple. Yet delicate."
If you are looking for clothes like this
You may find something.

It may not be something to show off, but
Something that makes a small difference in your daily life.
If I could deliver such clothes. I think so.

"CS08231" Crew neck sweatshirt An original fleece lining material made with double yarn, which is standard for all threads. All threads are two-ply yarns, so the threads are thin and finished with a beautiful look. The point of this sweatshirt is the pattern of the armhole line, which leads to a slim belly, and the pivot sleeves.

size (cm)
46 / Length 66 Shoulder width 49 Sleeve length 59 Width 58
48 / Length 67.5 Shoulder width 49 Sleeve length 60 Width 60
50 / Length 69 Shoulder width 53 Sleeve length 60 Width 62
A wearing model: 174cm wearing size: 46

Material: 100% cotton
Made in Japan

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