A vertical line in the center of the back.
In kimono and tailored clothing
the technique of sewing the left and right fabrics together at the center of the back, called "backstitching".

It is not only a technique
but also a crystallization of culture
to tailor valuable clothes.

Designer: Hiroyuki Kato
Kato started senui, a shirt brand, in 2022 based on his experience in production and planning for domestic and international shirt brands. He handles everything from design to pattern and sewing by himself. He researches various shirts and vintage items from Japan, the U.S., and Europe, and proposes a new way of making shirts.

RYUKYU INDIGO (Ryukyu Indigo Dyeing)
Ryukyu indigo has long been cultivated in Okinawa and used as a dye for indigo dyeing. Its cultivation method is harsh, and in order to grow good quality indigo leaves, thorough cultivation management and techniques are required, as well as strong physical and mental strength to endure the hard labor during the indigo making process. In addition, it takes years of experience and heat training to determine the state of fermentation and the amount of lime water to be used in the production stage.
The indigo produced by the traditional method, which has been handed down from generation to generation, is dyed and washed by hand, one by one, carefully and repeatedly, giving each piece a unique texture and depth of expression that cannot be achieved with chemical dyes. Ryukyu indigo can be said to be the color of culture with a depth like the beautiful sea of Okinawa. However, as time has passed and synthetic indigo, which is inexpensive and readily available, has become widespread, the number of people engaged in the labor-intensive indigo work has dwindled.

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"S/S Shirt"
This short sleeve shirt is a collaboration between SENUI and SOUTH STORE.
The silhouette has a relaxed boxy feel to suit the Okinawan climate, and can be worn lightly as there are no seams on the sides. The collar is an open collar with a three-dimensional finish to prevent it from becoming too casual.

The fabric is made of 40/1 plain weave linen woven in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, and dyed with Ryukyu indigo, a natural dye from Okinawa. You can enjoy the color and the unique unevenness that only natural dyeing can give.

Backstitching: Eliminates the usual side seams.
The usual side seams are eliminated and sewn together only on the back. The absence of side seams allows the fabric to fall naturally to the sides. The yoke is designed as a split yoke so that the seam line runs vertically down the back.

Stitching: 22 stitches per 30mm
22 fine stitches with 30mm spacing. The stitch count for a normal shirt is 15~18 stitches per 30mm, and for a dress shirt, 21~22 stitches are required.

Yarn: All yarn is 60 count cotton yarn.
All cotton yarns are 60 count. When the vintage products were produced, the factory equipment was completely different from today. The biggest difference was that the old sewing machines were foot-pedal and the sewing threads were cotton thread. The most significant difference is that the old sewing machines were foot-pedal and the sewing threads were cotton threads, which are very compatible with natural fiber fabrics and also produce a unique puckering. They also work very well with linen fabrics. (Today's sewing machines are equipped with high-speed industrial motors, and sewing threads are made of polyester to withstand such motors, making it very difficult to sew with cotton thread. ) The shirts are sewn with cotton threads with fine stitches, just like the shirts sewn in the early 1900s, to achieve the texture that vintage shirts have. With long wear, the cotton threads will derive shrinkage due to the cotton threads, creating a beautiful puckering.

Thin and soft 100% cotton flap core is used.

Buttons: Natural shell buttons.
Natural shell buttons are used.

Size (cm)
S / Length 73, Shoulder width 50, Sleeve length 25, Body width 62
M / Length 75, Shoulder width 52, Sleeve length 26, Body width 65
Wearing model: 180cm, size: M

Material : 100% Linen
Made in Japan

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