Paraboot "BARTH"

The founder is Remy Richard Ponvert.
The company is the only shoe manufacturer in the world that produces its own soles, a tradition that has been passed down through three generations since 1919.
More than 100 processes are done by hand to create a comfortable fit.
The waxed "waxy leather" model, which can be used in the rain without worry, is a highly practical standard model.
The traditional manufacturing methods used since the company's inception have remained unchanged, but the company has not forgotten its innovative and forward-looking ideas, and its adventurous spirit.

BARTH" is based on deck shoes that were delivered to the French Navy's submarine force.
Because they are used on the deck of ships such as yachts and boats, they are sometimes called deck or boat shoes.
Deck shoes often come in marine-inspired colors, but these are all black, giving a more chic impression.
The deerskin leather used is extremely soft and comfortable to wear from the first time you put them on.
Combining a simple design with high-quality materials, these standard deck shoes are a timeless classic.

UK 6H (25.0)
UK 7 (25.5)
UK 7H (26.0)
UK 8 (26.5)

Material : Deerskin upper, Rubber sole
Made in Spain

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Please understand this in advance.

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