The cut-and-sewn brand "handvaerk" was established in New York in 2013. HANDVAERK NAVY" is an irregular line that offers items with authentic and classic details typical of the American brand. It is available in limited stores in the United States and Asia. From the perspective of reducing environmental burdens and improving the working environment, the line is only released when 100% traceable rare materials such as Imperial Alpaca and ultra-thick pima cotton are available.

Heavy weight T-Shirt made of pima cotton, the world's best extra-long staple cotton.
This is a heavy weight fabric knitted by using the thickest pima cotton yarn (18~20). The silky pima cotton is used in abundance, and the elegant and generous patterned silhouette sets it apart from other heavyweight T-shirts on the market. The extremely smooth feel is impressive.

Pima Cotton
A type of cotton grown only in a limited area near the equator in northern Peru, it is the world's best extra-long staple cotton. It has unparalleled softness and brilliance, and accounts for only 2% of all cotton produced in the world. Pima cotton, which has been cultivated since B.C., has long, thin fibers that allow the cotton ball to contain as much air as possible in order to withstand the harsh climate of the high Andes. Because machines cannot remove impurities from the ultra-fine fibers, all harvesting is done by hand. The fiber's length, fineness, suppleness, and lack of fluff give it a silky finish and comfort. It has excellent water absorbency and wicking properties, keeping you dry to the touch even in humid weather, and absorbs and disperses perspiration well. It also dries quickly after washing, and the fiber itself is not easily damaged.

Size (cm)
S / Length 71, Shoulder width 57, Sleeve length 23, Body width 62
M / Length 73 Shoulder width 59 Sleeve length 24 Body width 65
Wearing model: 174cm, size: S

Material : 100% Cotton
Material : 100% Cotton
Product number :HVNV-5

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