FAT LAVA "Eckhardt&Engler Vintage Germany Pottery Vase 125"

Old West German porcelain made in the 1960s and 1970s.
It features a design that looks like flowing lava, and the changes in glaze and unique colors are eye-catching.
FAT LAVA has many fans in Europe as a collector's item, and in recent years it has become popular in the United States and Japan.
(FAT LAVA literally translates to fat lava.)

"Eckhardt&Engler Vintage Germany Pottery Vase 125"
FAT LAVA can be used not only as a flower base, but also as an interior decoration just by placing it in a room.
It is recommended not only for your home, but also for decorating your store. Also, since it is an item that you will be happy to receive, it will be appreciated as a gift.

Overall there are small scratches and rubbing due to long-term use.

size (cm)
Free / Height approx. 15 Width approx. 7 Bore approx. 2.5

Material : Pottery
Made in W.Germany

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