A.PRESSE "2nd Type Denim Jacket"

A.PRESSE is a project that thinks about what kind of clothes that can be part of our wardrobe and makes them.

I have a problem that I end up wearing my usual favorite even if I buy various clothes.
That's why my fashion is so mundane and boring.
Frankly speaking, I want to increase the number of favorites.
I want a lot of things that I want to wear every day.
That's all I want for clothes.

If you look in second-hand clothing stores, there is a high probability that you will find clothes that you can wear all the time.
In fact, I want clothes of the present to match the vintage.
All the cool people around me are like that,
I adore wearing a mix of new and old.

Even though there are so many things and a lot of information,
Why can't I find a favorite to join the ranks?

Exhausted by useless shopping,
In order to solve the mystery, I decided to create an editorial department that can create things and disseminate them.

"2nd Type Denim Jacket"
This model is based on the usual 2nd type of 50's mint condition 507XX. The fabric is indigo denim with an uneven look and a deep blue color when faded. The front details are well-proportioned on both sides, and the length is slightly short. The weakness of the tightness around the arms was resolved by lowering the bottom of the sickle and slightly widening the sleeve width. The long sleeves in relation to the length of the garment have also been adapted to the Japanese body shape.

The original tuck buttons are made of iron, so there is a possibility that they will darken and rust over time.

Size (cm)
44 / Length 58, Shoulder width 54, Sleeve length 57, Body width 57
46 / Length 59 Shoulder width 55 Sleeve length 58.5 Body width 60
48 / Length 60 Shoulder width 56 Sleeve length 60 Body width 63
Wearing model : 174cm Wearing size : 46

Material : 100% Cotton
Material : 100% Cotton
Product number :23SAP-01-09H

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